Compri Coating Service and CoatR present PRE DURA

November 17, 2023, Heerhugowaard

At a global level, society as a whole is currently focused on sustainability, the ecological footprint, CO2 emissions, recycling, and so on. These trends are also noticeable in our sector, especially in aluminum surface treatment. We are increasingly confronted with recycled aluminium, rising energy prices, waste management and a growing demand for "sustainable" products and processes.

In response to this, the Compri Coating Service (BE) and CoatR (NL), in collaboration with AD-Chemicals, have developed an innovative system to provide both primary and recycled aluminum with a chemical pre-treatment before powder coating. This system involves applying a full-fledged anti-corrosion conversion layer without a prior pickling process.

In concrete terms, this means that less gas and electricity are required, rinse water consumption is kept to a minimum and significantly less sludge and waste water needs to be processed. Furthermore, this system guarantees equivalent qualitative properties than the "classic" pre-treatment systems currently used in the sector.
As of January 1, '24, Compri Coating Service and CoatR will offer its customers two systems:

  • Standard procedure according to Qualicoat specifications including SEASIDE
  • PRE DURA chemical pre-treatment for an extremely sustainable production process!

This initiative is not only a response to the growing demand for sustainable products and processes, but also contributes to reducing the ecological footprint in the surface treatment of aluminum.

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