Why Compri Coating

Compri Coating Service works according to the most recent quality regulations that are customary for architectural applications of coated aluminium. Our production lines are built with the latest technological developments and with a view to maximum flexibility during the production process. We have our own fully equipped lab where we can carry out the necessary production checks. We work with the most renowned suppliers of chemicals and powder coatings on the European market. Thanks to our own expertise and the knowledge of these suppliers, we can give you the perfect advice for all your coating assignments.

Sustainability is highly regarded by us. We follow the latest developments in order to be able to continue to coat the increasing market share of recycled aluminum with the highest quality without loss of corrosion resistance.

It goes without saying that Compri Coating Service has been working with a chrome-free conversion layer from the start. The entire pre-treatment process complies with current environmental legislation and is designed in such a way that a minimum of chemical consumption and energy is guaranteed.