Our service goes much further than powder coating your products. If necessary, we can also arrange the final treatment for your profiles, such as sticking anti-drumming and protective foil. In addition, we aim to make the number of kilometers traveled by your profiles as low as possible. To achieve this, we can, if desired, package your profiles and sheet metal in detail with your special packaging requirements and deliver them directly from Compri Coating Service to your customer or buyer.

Our delivery times approach those of the strictly necessary lead time in the production line. We can also advise you on all your questions about the most suitable coating system for your application. Our company structure is also very flat. You always get the right person on the line and you are immediately informed about your order status.

Compri Coating Service actually works like a small SME with regard to communication with the customer, but also with the capacities and know-how of a large multinational!